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The Cactus Story

When we were looking for the right plant for this beautiful grey pot on our backyard patio, my husband and I decided a trip to the local nursery was in order. One day on our walk we strolled by the nursery and went in to take a look and spotted this fabulous Euphorbia cactus. We bought it on the spot. It’s exactly what we had in mind, which was an architectural element, piece of art to place in that pot and something that would be resilient and withstand the changes in California weather. I decided it look a bit bare, so I went around the garden where we have a lot of succulents and took cuttings. Many great things about succulents but one of them is that you can just cut them off anywhere and stick them in dirt and they take hold and live. You don’t have to put them in water or let roots grow first. Just cut and stick and they grow!


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