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Boujee (slang) - "Luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character"


Why the Q? 


“The Q Line” was my first newsletter in the ‘90s.  It was an actual newspaper that folded out to share my latest updates. Now, back by popular demand, in 2020 I have decided to launch an online version called The Q!  What does “Q” stand for you ask? friends often called me “Q” for Coelho.  I guess they didn’t realize Coelho started with a “C”! Isn’t that how you get nicknames, often in odd ways.  


Did you notice that the end of the logo swirl is a rabbit?  Coelho means rabbit in Portuguese and just like the endearing animal... I’m inquisitive, curious, and love bringing aesthetics and good fortune to others! I try and find a balance between luxury and simplicity.  We all need a bit of both in our lives!  


I hope to inspire you and share tips and meditations to help you create your dream lifestyle!  

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