Susie’s vision began on the streets of LA, NY, Paris, and London where she was inspired by the art surrounding her.

House of Sussex was named after the Susie’s birthplace in Sussex, England. Being born a Brit but growing up in the US and in Paris, Coelho honed her sense of style while going to museums as a young student and taking in the European art and culture. 

“From Impressionism to Modernism, from Egyptian art to Renaissance art, inspiration was just a Metro ride away” says Coelho about her growing up in Paris.

Back in the states Coelho’s taste in art expanded when she landed a role in the movie Breakin’ II, Electric Boogaloo, now a cult classic, shot in East LA.  Ironically many of the artists she now works with used those East LA walls as their canvas. Graffiti was an outlet for these “crews” and a way for them to express themselves as they created a culture and a new artistic expression.

“I became fascinated by this raw art and messaging and seeing it under the train tracks and on the walls while shooting the movie inspired me.” -Coelho says.

“I would go home and splatter paint on my jeans and jackets and then sell them in my clothing boutique on Melrose. It was the 80’s and a very interesting time for music, fashion, art and culture.”

Later after moving to New York in 2010, Coelho reconnected with street art, which had now become fine contemporary art.  The art district in Chelsea where she lived was filled with with Bansky, Basquiat, Lictenstein and Harring.

“I’ll never forget when Banksy’s “pop up show” came to NY and the city was all a buzz.  One of the installations popped up right next door on 24th and 10th Ave and I ran out, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious artist,” recalled Coelho.

Later that week Banksy had staged over 1 million dollars worth of art at a small stand in Central Park with an older man running it.  The sketches were sold for $420 but worth over $225,000. Later Bansky painted over a piece of art from a popular thrift store then took it back for them to sell.  It garnered 300K!  Street art was in full bloom!

So with the inspiration from all of these years Coelho decided to turn her passion and intrigue into a business, collaborating with some of the top talent of this genre.  


“Always be on the lookout, inspiration is everywhere.  Listen to your instincts, and they will always guide you in the right direction!  Keep creating, thats the joy of life.”


A California born, Contemporary Artist chasing the way art is perceived.  Through passion, honesty, and a willingness to share his work, Louis Carreon is one of today’s most influential and innovative contemporary artists.  After being incarcerated in federal prison for drug related crimes, Louis found peace while illustrating his artistic road map through a cleansing of his soul and mind.  That experience led to him overcoming addiction and immersing himself in art.

With a colorful past to draw on, his work is not merely modern art or street art but modernism told in a voice that drips onto the canvas… Or the wall… Or a jet.  Having been commissioned by some of the most recognized venues throughout the united states including the SoHo House, Viper Room, to painting the Stanley Cup for the Championship team, the Chicago Blackhawks to raise money for Autism Speaks, his creations are immediately recognizable.  Every stroke of the brush or the spray of the can has a story to tell.  Louis’ work depicts a poetry seldom seen with an emphasis on creating pieces with meaning.

Commissioned to paint a private 12-seater jet in collaboration with Landmark Aviation for the famed Art Basel, Louis is continually reinforcing the essential power of art.  His working studio in Los Angeles, The Drip Factory, is the quintessential landscape for Louis’ creations.  Whether on a canvas, or a concrete wall somewhere around the world, Louis Carreon is an Artist that will continue to inspire.


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