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Studio Orange Backpack chosen as an item for WWD "2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide for all Mothers"


"Coelho is turning her entrepreneurial savvy and fashion sense to creating an exciting new brand; the “House of Sussex,” which marries Susie’s lifelong love of fashion and art!"


"Celebrity favored luxury streetwear brand combining contemporary art and fashion. Made with the finest Italian leather, House of Sussex provides one of a kind wearable art!"


The Artist Collection

House of Sussex backpack is one of a kind, wearable art to elevate your personal style.

  • Louis Carreon artwork

  • Back packs, Bum packs

  • Finest Italian Leather

  • House of Sussex signature strap

  • Swarovski crystals

  • Made in LA

The Studio Collection

Exclusive collection of incredibly lightweight luxurious, solid leather backpacks

  • Finest Italian Leather 

  • Back packs, Bum packs

  • Jackets, Jewelry

  • House of Sussex signature strap

  • Italian Riri Zippers

  • Designed in LA

 Gutter 2 Gallery


 Street 2 Boutique

Making contemporary art wearable




Susie's vision began on the streets of LA, NY, Paris, and London where she was inspired by the art surrounding her.

House of Sussex was named after the Susie’s birthplace in Sussex, England. Being born a Brit but growing up in the US and in Paris, Coelho honed her sense of style while going to museums as a young student and taking in the European art and culture. 

“I would go home and splatter paint on my jeans and jackets and then sell them in my clothing boutique on Melrose. It was the 80’s and a very interesting time for music, fashion, art and culture.”



A California born, Contemporary Artist chasing the way art is perceived.  Through passion, honesty, and a willingness to share his work, Louis Carreon is one of today’s most influential and innovative contemporary artists.  After being incarcerated in federal prison for drug related crimes, Louis found peace while illustrating his artistic road map through a cleansing of his soul and mind.  That experience led to him overcoming addiction and immersing himself in art.

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