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Best-Selling Author

Susie Coelho, a Best-Selling author, has written four lifestyle books, and is now working on her fifth book, a non-fiction narrative about her trip to 1983 trip to India to interview Phoolan Devi.


"...Susie Coelho knows how to make a space look effortlessly beautiful..."

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"Ms. Coelho comes by her keen eye and sense of style honestly…She insists there is nothing complex or mystifying about styling a home and sets forth her "make it fun" philosophy in her new book…Its 200 pages are chockablock with ideas for creating cozy spaces using imagination and creativity."

"…Susie Coelho, the effervescent cable-television design guru…takes an infectious, gung-ho approach to low-budget décors…the effect is frolicsome rather than egotistical. Ms. Coelho looks as if she’s having fun, and the rooms she creates tend to be pretty charming."


'Styling For Entertaining is such a great find because it actually give s you step-by-step advice on how to transform space for entertaining, without breaking your budget...and also how small things can make a big difference in your home." 


"....the themes are imaginative and the results ...will likely be beautiful."

"In 200 full-color photos, rooms move & change taking on new character, as do outdoor areas and entrances. And it all looks like fun."

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The Bandit Queen, The Warrior Queen & Me

Susie Coelho The Bandit Queen The Warrio

Susie Coelho’s quest to understand her identity that leads to her perilous journey from the celebrity Hollywood lifestyle to a jail deep in Central India to meet the notorious Phoolan Devi.  The Bandit Queen, The Warrior Queen, and Me is a non-fiction narrative that weaves together the stories of three remarkable Indian women:  India’s low-caste bandit, Devi; the author’s high-caste Brahmin mother, Rani; and Susie Coelho’s own challenges as an Indian in America.

Everyday Styling


susie coelho's everyday styling

Easy Tips for Home, Garden, and Entertaining

Published by Simon & Schuster

In Everyday Styling, Susie offers a liberating plan for infusing personal style into readers' homes and gardens, often without spending a dime.
Susie's credo is that the most appealing spaces are usually not the most expensive or decorator-correct. Homes develop authentic personal style the same way people do--through creativity, change, and the process of living.
But how do you develop your own sense of style? Susie will show you how to find it, define it, and put it to use. The secret is the Style File: she'll help you create a collection of the looks you love (pictures, swatches of material, scribbled ideas), organized as a practical reference for every space in your home and garden.

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8 Simple Steps, 12 Miracle Makeovers

Published by Simon & Schuster

In Styling for Entertaining, Susie Coelho reveals how ordinary spaces can be easily transformed into settings for casual entertaining or extraordinary parties--with minimum effort for maximum effect.In this hands-on guidebook, Susie styles four areas (living room, dining room, patio, and lawn) in three different ways. Using her signature styling philosophy, Susie reinvents each space for a casual entertaining get together, a seasonal party, and a special, one of a kind event. You’ll see that when the emphasis is on styling (which uses things you already have) rather than decorating (which generally means a lot more time and money) almost every makeover can be done in as little as one day, and may cost next to nothing!

Styling for Entertaining
Secrets of a style Diva

secrets of a Style Diva:

A Get-Inspired Guide to Your Creative Side

Published by Thomas Nelson

Stop Stalling - Start Styling!What would your style be like if you removed fear and worry from the equation? Everyone has the potential to release her inner Style Diva! In Secrets of a Style Diva, Susie Coelho taps into her own experiences to share how she developed her signature style and then reveals her exclusive STYLE SECRETS. Her exhilarating DIVA DRILLS and one-of-a-kind, online DIVA QUIZ will help you identify the barriers that hold you back and provide a road map to finding your own unique sense of style.


Published by Thomas Nelson

Style Your Dream Wedding is the perfect tool to help any bride find her personal style and carry it through all aspects of her wedding. Finally, brides have the perfect resource to create the wedding of her dreams – no matter what the budget.

Susie Coelho has created this sophisticated and practical resource and guide that will insure the most stylish and personalized wedding for every bride. Susie ignites the creative sparks for the woman planning her dream day by laying out the top 8 styles that any wedding fits into, and then provides wonderful inspiration with hundreds of unique ideas for each style. 

Style Your Dream Wedding
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