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You are a Classic bride in the tradition of Princess Di, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Your wedding will have the feeling of a royal event, even if it’s just an informal affair for a small group of close friends and family. Remember, a Classic wedding does not mean it should be expensive and overdone. Your buzz words are "traditional," "timeless," elegant," "refined" and "tasteful." It is understated elegance that will define your wedding and your Classic sensibilities should be carried throughout, from the look of the stationery you use for your invitations and the location you select, to the attire that your wedding party will don. Traditional settings like a church, a synagogue, or country club set the stage nicely for your Classic wedding.

Your Stationery: The elements of a Classic invitation include heavier card stocks, a formal typeface, and either understated colors like white, cream or pale pastels or more traditional rich colors like Navy, Burgundy and Emerald Green. You may want to look into engraved and letterpress styles which are perfect for Classic stationary. However, a simple handwritten calligraphy invitation is also very special and works well with this polished sophisticated style. The color selection you choose as an overall wedding palette should be used for your invitations and carried out into the flowers and elements you choose for your wedding reception. In Chapter Two of Style Your Dream Wedding, "Your Stationery," you can see samples of various Classic color palettes, motifs and beautiful, classic typography.

Your Dress: If you are a bride with Classic sensibilities, chances are you dreamed about being Cinderella at the ball when you were a little girl. A ball gown like hers (also called Princess) and A-line silhouettes are favorite dress styles among Classic brides and they are flattering to so many body types. When you are looking for your dress, indulge yourself in the hunt. Look at all of the rich fabrics, dramatic full skirts, and fitted bodices with delicate details like pearls or beads that you can find. Then try them all!

The good news for Classic brides is that all of the major bridal designers create at least one jaw-dropping Classic gown each season that is usually the centerpiece of their collections, so you will have plenty of gowns to peruse. Plus, there are large selections of gorgeous vintage wedding gowns that can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a new gown, which can be tailored to fit you perfectly. Believe it or not, eBay can be a great resource for wedding gowns and at a fraction of the original cost!

Your Hair: Chignons and neatly upswept hairstyles are the cornerstone of a Classic bride’s look. This not only creates a long and elegant neck but it also complements your Classic wedding dress. Classic brides often have an inner fashionista that is dying to run wild. If you have always admired elegant up-dos but could never style your hair that way on a regular basis, this is the perfect occasion to indulge yourself and hire a hair stylist that specializes in these do’s.

Hair is important because it will live in infamy in wedding pictures. If it’s not right, you could have pangs of regret every time you look at your wedding album. Strategic planning is necessary for an upswept hairstyle that has any level of complexity to it. You will want to consider whether or not it will hold its own against the elements that time of year without someone having to follow you around fixing every flyaway. You may have a regular stylist you love but you may have to step out on her/him and find yourself an up-do master. If you don’t feel comfortable two-timing your stylist for your wedding hairdo, then you will have to practice until he/she is familiar enough with what you want and can create it easily on your wedding day.

A blusher is a must, so keep that in mind when choosing your hairstyle. Your veil can be anything from fingertip length, which is very popular, to cathedral or royal length, if you want a dramatic long veil. The veil might be held in place with a delicate pearl comb, and small tiaras or headpieces affixed to your chignon will also work well for you.

Your Flowers: Roses are the quintessential flower for Classic weddings, but consider white Casablanca lilies as well. It is not only the individual flowers you choose but also the entire arrangement and choice of bouquet style that you choose that will forward your wedding style. Classic bouquet shapes include shower/cascade, pageant/presentation, and round dome.

Keep your flower color palette simple—one or two colors at the most. Remember your stationery? Perhaps you can select one of your stationery colors to be one of your flower colors for a cohesive overall color effect. Not many brides are flower experts but by the time your wedding is planned you may become one! Do some digging and research to find unique floral combinations. Then re-create it in your own personal way.

Your Ceremony: If you have a Classic style, chances are you are leaning toward having a traditional service that aligns with your religious affiliation. However, you do not have to limit yourself to old traditions or stuffy conventions just because you have chosen a Classic sensibility. Once you define "classic" for yourself, you can move ahead with envisioning all of the glorious details of your ceremony and your own Classic style whether it be informal at a small chapel or formal at a cathedral or synagogue.

Your Reception: Formal or informal? That is the question. When one thinks of a Classic wedding, thoughts of a formal sit-down affair come to mind. You can have a sit-down dinner served by wait staff as the most formal option particularly if it’s plated service. Some menu ideas might include steak and the music could be a big band playing standards from the forties. Informal weddings with a Classic style are also popular and the food can still be Classic yet not so elaborately served. A simple homemade meal served on a buffet table with beautiful flowers tossed in and amongst the serving platters is simple yet elegant. After all, people are coming to your wedding to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, not for the buffet. For more Classic reception ideas, please go to page 102 in Style Your Dream Wedding.

Your Cake: After you have your dress, hair and flowers picked out, selecting your Classic cake will be a snap. You can have your wedding planner make appointments at all of the best wedding cake shops in your area and you can taste cake until you can’t fit into your jeans anymore, but in the end, you should select a traditional round, multi-tiered cake in white or ivory, with delicate flowers or jewels as an accent with either a fondant or butter cream icing. Classic cakes work with any budget because these traditional-looking cakes can be purchased at the finest bakeries or ordered from a local grocery store, and it’s very difficult to tell the difference!

Your Photography: Have your photographer do some fabulous shots in sepia tones and lots of black and white. Your pictures should have a timeless, cinematic quality. Make sure he/she gets a great shot of you with your blusher over your face, walking alone with your bouquet in hand.

Your Getaway: Like a classic film star, you depart with your new husband in either a carriage fit for a Princess, Rolls Royce, Bentley or limousine.

Fanciful weddings are imaginative and creative. Often, the location will have special significance for the bride and groom. Think of a couple tying the knot on the roller coaster they rode on their first date. Or what about a life-long film buff marrying in a movie theater? Your buzzwords are "adventurous," "unique," "quirky," "imaginative" and "out of the box." The location for your wedding can be as wild as your imagination. Consider nightclubs, casinos, hot-air balloons, sports stadiums, a yacht, a zoological garden, a bowling alley or even underwater.

The bride who wants a Fanciful wedding is not afraid to be different, so brainstorm and think of things that you truly love and that make you happy. Infuse these things into your ceremony. Nothing should be crossed off your list if you love it. For example, if giggling small children make you happy, have a group of them walk behind you down the aisle holding your long, flowing veil.

Your Stationery: Don’t limit yourself to traditional invitations. How about a key that opens the door to the VIP Room at a nightclub? Or a puzzle that when put together is a picture of the bride and groom? Play with shape and cut of the invitation itself and use interesting and dimensional shapes.

Your Dress: Whatever strikes your fancy, your dress can be selected or made to match or can fashionably contrast with your theme. A Fanciful wedding is truly all about you and can be as unique as you want it to be. Go down the aisle in matching his and her bathrobes if you like. If it’s a Halloween wedding you may be in costumes. A word of caution with this style: be sure to really refine your ideas and vision before you pick your dress so that it aligns and enhances the style. If you don’t isolate your style early enough, it will be easy to "lose your theme" and end up with a wedding and reception with no real stylistic direction.

Your Hair: For a Fanciful wedding you may create a completely different look for your hair. If you have short hair, clip-on hair or extensions can be added for length or fullness. Dramatic streaks of color to highlight your face or match your flowers can be achieved with a great hair colorist or with small clip-on hairpieces. Headpieces like medieval crowns, tiaras or tribal-inspired headdresses can be researched online. You can also find great costume hair adornments at vintage stores and at specialty costume stores.

If you have a certain look that you would like to replicate, your best bet is to find a hairdresser that specializes in the type of hairdo you want. For example, if your wedding has a Renaissance theme, and you want a dramatic hairstyle befitting Renaissance royalty, you may want to find someone who has done theatrical hair in a play, festival or performance from that era. Remember, your hair is important because it will live in infamy in wedding pictures. If it’s not right, you could have pangs of regret every time you look at your wedding album.

Your Flowers: You may want to think outside the box and choose to embrace a Willy Wonka approach and have some edible floral arrangements. Or, perhaps you don’t want real flowers but would love to have some gorgeous paper sculptures accented with origami puzzles. You can feel very free to use whatever you would like with this style. There are several breeds of natural flowers that can provide beautiful, fanciful colors. Consult with your florist and he/she should be able to help you create a Fanciful bouquet that aligns in color and style with your particular Fanciful wedding style.

Your Ceremony: Create your own ceremony from start to finish. Perhaps you wish to have your entire ceremony on horseback, or to marry while skydiving. Whatever your fancy, you will want to write your ceremony to fit the venue. Make sure that your vows are not too long if you’re falling from 15,000 feet!

Your Reception: Once you pick your style, dive in. Maybe you want a circus theme where your officiate wears a clown suit. Too silly? How about cotton candy and candied apples becoming the newest martini flavors at your Fanciful reception? Allow the location to set the entertainment. If you’re at a fair, then perhaps your guests can play at the carnival booths, take rides on the Ferris wheel or watch a clown show. Use your imagination and to create a fantasy that everyone will remember.

Your Cake: Your cake topper can carry through the theme of the location you decide to hold your wedding. There are some clever topsy-turvy cakes to choose from these days with all sorts of unusual fillings and toppers. Snicker doodle crumbs in your frosting? M&M’s in every slice? Giraffe toppers if getting married at a zoological garden? Think outside the box, as nothing has to be conventional with a Fanciful wedding. You are the creator and anything goes.

Your Photography: Allow your photographer to work some special effects into your wedding. Other than that, make sure that whomever you hire gets pictures of all your fanciful details. It would be helpful to hire an art photographer, one that knows how to work with Photoshop and graphics to create fanciful images of your wedding with an artistic quality. If you or your groom are proficient in Photoshop you may want to try your hand at this as well and your friends might love getting these framed shots as a gift for their birthday or special event.

Your Getaway: A hot-air balloon? An elephant? What’s your fantasy? Use all of your creative juices to plan the most fun and romantic getaway. Let your imagination run wild!

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