Answer each of the following questions as honestly as possible—there are no right answers, just choose the ones that best reflect how you approach style.


1. When you’re at the park or out for a sunset walk through your neighborhood you:

a. Notice the silhouette of branches against the sky.

b. Run through the huge list of to-do’s in your mind, while alternately checking your Blackberry and pedometer to make sure you don’t miss a message or a step.

c. Take it all in—the kids playing, the couples canoodling, the new plantings—then realize you’ve gone the wrong way!


2. For your next dinner party, you want to have a strong floral centerpiece. You visit the local florist and:

a. Ask them to do something similar to the one they did for your last party—it was a big hit.

b. Ask them to make something up for you; their judgment is probably better than yours.

c. Ask them to copy the one you saw in your favorite magazine.


3. The best way to describe the dishes you use for entertaining is:

a. A huge, varied collection. Your reasoning: “I’m always picking up something new, and then, you see, I have to find other stuff that matches, and…”

b. A cohesive set of dishes of a specific style that works with both your home décor and the type of parties you usually host.

c. Disposable.


4. You put together monochromatic outfits by:

a. Mixing a variety of fabrics, textures, and tones—a boucle jacket with a sleek pair of pants, perhaps, or a fitted T-shirt with a rustic peasant skirt.

b. Simply pulling a suit out of your closet. You found the designer and cut that works for you, and you wear them nearly every day.

c. Wearing clothes that are the same color, of course.


5. While out shopping at the mall, you wander into a house wares store. You’re struck by a specific display of dinnerware, glassware, utensils and linens that are set out as if the party were about to begin. You:

a. Wish someone would invite you to a party like that.

b. Contemplate buying the entire ensemble and ask the sales person to please give you a table plan so you can set it just as they have at the store. It’s exquisite!

c. Admire it for a while, perhaps buy one element that works with what you have, or just move on.


6. How comfortable do you feel turning to someone for style advice?

a. Very—I try to get as many ideas as I can!

b. I’m selective about whom I ask; I have one or two people whose opinions I’ve come to trust.

c. Not at all—I’d be embarrassed to have people find out how uninformed I am.


7. There’s a room or space at your home that’s just not done. You’re holding off because:

a. It’s easiest to just close the door or avoid spending time there.

b. I have about a dozen ideas for what to do with it, I just haven’t settled on one yet.

c. I’m waiting till I can do the whole thing over exactly as I envision it.


8. How often do you feel you have to be right?

a. More often than I actually am.

b. Not that often—I’m pretty open to hearing others out and seeing things from their perspectives.

c. Well, I usually am.


9. The best way to describe your attitude toward shopping for yourself is:

a. It’s fun to go look, but I may or may not buy much, unless I find pieces that really fit with what I’ve already got.

b. I love going and seeing everything, but I either come home with too much or nothing at all.

c. It’s like taking a final exam; I know there’s a right answer out there—I just don’t what it is!


10. It’s Saturday afternoon, and the kids announce that they are “BORED.” You:

a. Pop in a video for them and get back to your work.

b. Take them for a walk, play a board game, or color with them. You have a standard repertoire of
boredom beaters.

c. Crack open the multiple kids-crafts books you own and let them pick several that appeal to them.

11. Perfection is:

a. Something I actively strive for.

b. Impossible.

c. Something others can achieve, but not me.


12. How regularly do you clean out closets, clear off your desk, review stuff you’ve saved?

a. I totally ignore it unless the piles get the better of me.

b. About twice a year, which reminds me how much I love my stuff!

c. I organize it in ways that are aesthetically pleasing, which means clutter never really gets the better of me.


13. It’s the start of the season, and the catalogs have arrived in bulk in your mailbox. You:

a. Go through every single one of them, dog-earing everything you like.

b. Put the whole pile into the recycle bin immediately.

c. Pull out the one or two that you regularly order from and the one your best friend has recommended, then throw the rest away without looking at them.


14. You’re buying new containers for your patio garden. You:

a. Get the ones that match the style you already have.

b. Get the ones that look most like the ones in the latest garden magazines.

c. Get the ones on sale—it’s okay that they don’t really match.


15. How often do you change around your living room?

a. Once a year, when we put up the Christmas tree.

b. When I can’t escape the fact that the current layout doesn’t work, as everyone keeps banging their shins on the coffee table.

c. I haven’t moved the furniture in a while, but I usually swap out vases and accessories seasonally.


16. You have piles of seashells the kids have collected over the summer. At the end of the season, you:

a. Throw them away when the kids aren’t looking—like you need more junk in the house!

b. Create some sort of display with the best of them, then toss the rest.

c. Put them in a shoebox, promising yourself you’re going to find something to do with them.

17. You’re watching a televised broadcast of this year’s big home design show. “Orange,” they tell you, “is the hot color for the year.” Your reaction is:

a. “Orange? Orange? I don’t own any orange. Time to go shopping!”

b. “Orange? Orange? Why orange? Who comes up with this stuff, anyway?”

c. “Orange. Orange. Hmm. That’s an interesting color. Maybe—well, no. It just won’t work with everything else. Guess I’ll just have to wait till next year to be in.”


18. When friends or family give you a gift for the home, how well does it usually sync with your other belongings?

a. Almost perfectly every time. My nearest and dearest know what I like in my home. And when it doesn’t—well, that’s what eBay’s for.

b. Since all the other stuff I put on display has come from them, they sync pretty well!

c. I’ve never really focused on things matching—I’m more the eclectic type.


19. If someone were to say to you, upon visiting your home, that they never would have thought you’d own a particular item, your reaction would be to:

a. Explain it was given to you by someone else.

b. Tell them it’s part of a hot new design trend.

c. Smile and make a note to yourself to dispose of the item immediately; because it doesn’t work.


20. This weekend’s to-do list includes finally framing and hanging some of your family pictures. The part of the process that hangs you up is:

a. Reworking other items in the room to balance the new additions.

b. Deciding on the right arrangement.

c. Finding the right frames.


21. When shopping, how often do you pick up various items that interest you?

a. Sometimes, although I usually ask the sales people to show things to me.

b. Often—I need to get a feel for what I’m buying and to lay things out as I’d actually use them.

c. Mom always said, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands…”

22. You’ve finally settled on a paint color for the living room. Your sister tells you she’s not a big fan of it. Your reaction:

a. Your husband picked it out, and if she has an issue with it, she can go talk to him.

b. She doesn’t have to live with it, so who cares?

c. Take her to the paint store and have her help you pick something else out.

23. You’d consider redoing a room because:

a. Redoing? I haven’t gotten it done in the first place.

b. The walls are marked up or the furniture is getting worn.

c. You have some out-of-town friends coming for a visit and you want it to look its best.


24. Okay, that project didn’t turn out at all like you had hoped. You:

a. Throw it away, paint over it, do whatever it takes so no one sees the disaster.

b. Live with it.

c. Start over, following a plan that’s more like what you’ve successfully done before.


25. You use pillows and throws on sofas, love seats or chairs to:

a. Keep warm and comfortable when sitting on them.

b. Reinforce and finish the room’s look.

c. Bring some of the latest trends into your home.

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