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Susie Coelho

Lifestyle Expert, Television Personality & Best-Selling Author


“Susie has boundless energy, plenty of great marketing ideas plus she's a real creative visionary. Her beautiful personality both on and off camera makes her a pleasure to work with—”
Bill Teitelbaum, Co Founder/CCO, One Minute Media

 “Having known Susie for over ten years, I am always impressed with her focus, drive, vision and energy. She has succeeded in building a very successful brand through commitment and hard work, paying great attention to trends, listening to the consumer and delivering on their needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their brand or impact sales & marketing objectives, whether it is through the Susie Coelho brand or her impressive knowledge and leadership.”
Terry Cecil, President & CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer,  International Sponsor Council

“Susie Coelho had me at hello! She's been there, done that, knows the players and knows the pitfalls, knows PR, marketing, retail and publishing and knows the tools one needs to actually run a successful business. Working with Susie is like spending time with one of your girlfriends, except this is the girlfriend who has built a few business empires, has unsurpassed style and really knows the ins & outs of the business world. I'm thrilled to have Susie in my corner!”
Jill Kirsh, President/CEO of JK Color    

  “I have worked with Susie since 2004 on various projects in the lifestyle, entertainment and publishing industries. She is one of the most creative and gifted -- and persistent -- people I have ever worked with. In the over 700 books I have published in my career, her book, "Style Your Dream Wedding," is by far one of the most beautiful ones I've ever done. I would highly recommend Susie to anyone, as she is talented, very savvy, and extremely competent. She is also fun to work with, as she has unlimited creativity and never at a loss for ideas! She would be an asset as a consultant or as a partner to any company.”
David Dunham, Senior Vice President & Group Publisher, Thomas Nelson Publishers

“In 2006, as CEO of Bank of America's mortgage, home equity and insurance businesses I hired Ms. Coelho to lead the external marketing effort of the most innovative mortgage product ever developed. She assisted in creating a marketing campaign that introduced a No Fee Mortgage Plus product that led to billions of dollars of product sales and propelled Bank of America to the number one position in retail mortgage sales in the world. Her work product combined with her celebrity were intregal to our success. Ms. Coelho is an intelligent, creative and trustworthy professional. I would highly recommend her for any assignment that would utilize her seasoned skill set.”
Floyd Robinson, CEO Bank of America Mortgage, Home Equity & Insurance Businesses

 Though Susie is a celebrity that has achieved many milestones in her career, she is a beautiful person with a wonderful, warm, inviting, personality that made her a delight to work with.  I highly recommend working with her and hope that I can again sometime soon. David H. Biggar, President Vintage Point "Partners in Wine"

We partnered with Susie on a promotion for our client, Dare Foods, manufacturers of many cracker and cookie brands including Breton. The entire process of working with Susie and her team was professional and pleasant. Susie was an integral part of our “15 Minutes to Fame” campaign from recipe development to styling to personal appearances. The recipes she developed for us were interesting yet attainable – she focused on using easy-to-find ingredients, but put together in a unique way. Her eye for style was helpful on the set and she collaborated with us (the agency), the photographer and the stylists to help make the shots look just right. Her gracious and friendly personality was a big draw at the three trade shows she attended on our clients’ behalf, and her appearance really added “buzz.” Susie is a true professional -- hard-working, detail-oriented, and committed.
Jean Giguere Partner/Director of Accounts

"Thank you for your advice and words of encouragement and support! I truly appreciate that you took time out of your busy lives to talk with me, offer encouragement, and offer advice.  Most people simply wouldn't respond because frankly, who are we but just 2 everyday moms trying to do something! Not only did I get an email response from you over the weekend, but within two days after that, you had a meeting set up for me with one of your business associates over two hours away from you!  Boy you work fast! When I got back home from the meeting, I told my kids about it and said to them that if by some stroke of fortune we had a chance to work with you, it would be such a pleasure and an absolutely incredible experience.  You were so warm and open through our email communications.  Truly a pleasure just to simply communicate with you! We wish you much continued success and thank you again so much for your time!
Sonja Kelly, CEO, One Night Stan

What a breath of fresh air, confidence and knowledge you are bringing to the company.  I feel a new stirring from within myself that it's another new beginning.  I will say 'thank you' again for the hope you have brought to so many through your God given talents, the hope you are bringing to the company as a whole and now the hope you have given me personally. 

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your contribution to our new branding and the new catalog.I think our new spring catalog is going to be an incredible new start for us.

I am so excited about Susie's new partnership with this company! I can’t wait to see what kind of innovative projects she can lend her panache to and help us grow.

I think your entrepreneurial past helps you bring a new language and viewpoint to us.

I met you at the conference you had in Richmond at the Crowne Plaza. I told you just because I happen to be there so many good things have happen to me. I have my own woman organization and we do a lot in the community. Again thank you and have a great day.
Wanted to let you know that I had a party last night and one of the guests was so excited to hear that you were involved in this company!!  She shared with everyone how great you are and about your show. 

I can't tell you how excited I am about your participation with and support of this company!!! I have been a fan for years---dating back to your work on "Surprise Gardner".Thank you, again, for bringing your talents to us. I am so excited about all of the great things to come and look forward to meeting you.

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